Company Profile

Building-Automation and its needs of specialized Cables

Multiplexes, Malls and high rise buildings are norm of the day. A full complement of cables for control, connectivity, alarm, security, sound, water sprinkles, CCTV camera and building management systems are required.

A system failure due to malfunction or loss of continuity or poor workmanship of quality and material can be catastrophic. The cost of relaying will be astronomical than to the cost of initial procurement and laying. Hence our emphasis is therefore in achieving the optimum quality targets. The following are our quality management principles.

  • Quality must be defined as conformance to the exacting requirements not merely aesthetics.
  • Selection of best of raw-materials and pre-manufacturing shop - floor testing to give zero-defects performance.
  • Designing, processing and inter-stage checks during progressive manufacturing is the hallmark of quality.
  • Final product rigorous testing for quality is the motto of the company’s dedication to total quality as conformance to applications.

Our ranges of cables on building automation are following types:

  • Security and fire alarm cables
  • Communication and control cables 1p|2p|4p|
  • CCTV camera co-axial cables
  • Audio and P.A. System Cables
  • Accers control & Building Management Systems

"ASTONISH" brand of our cables are made of high conductivity electrolyte grade annealed bare or tinned copper Solid/stranded/ flexible conductors with the desired grade of Insulating materials, PVC, HRPVC, FRPVC, FRLS, HOFR, Polyethylene, Teflon, gas injected foam PE di-electric. During the core insulation stage itself; online spark-testing ensures zero-defects products. These cores are further laid up in a concentric configuration or twisted to form a pair with optimum lay of twist to minimize the magnetic–noise in the system, A Branded aluminum foil screening in contact with tinned copper drainwire for earthing termination or with bare/tinned copper screen braiding ensures low loss in signal quality and data transfer and clear picture and minimum noise. Double screening provides better attenuation values in co-axial, access control and data acquisition systems. Outer sheath is extruded with special grade of PVC/ FRLS which is of virgin quality, abrasion resistant and U.V (Ultra-voilet) protective. Wherever the cables are required to be laid underground or overheads without piping, served galvanized armoured wire protection is provided over the inner bedded cable before outer sheath is provided.

Finally the finished products are thoroughly checked for high voltage integrity, resistivity, capacitance, inductance and other vital parameters before the professionally tangle-proof packings for transportations to the site to perform as per our established name for quality performance.

About Us

B. R. Enterprises can offer a full range of armoured and non-armoured power control cables, instrumentation and as well as fire resistant, power & acces , CCTV cables including Low Smoke Halogen free cables.

The company is committed on the policy to supply high quality cables, meet customers' requirement on time and stay competitive.

The company has garnered a rich and varied experience in the field by catering to the needs of various industries.
B. R. Enterprises has a fully equipped inhouse manufacturing unit and testing equipment enabling it to maintain total and complete control on the quality of cables manufactured by it. Customers are therefore ensured of consistency and product availability 24/7.

The hard work, dedication and commitment of B. R. Enterprises has ensured that the company has shown steady growth to emerge as a leading manufacturer of quality cables.

Today, B. R. Enterprises is used in power generation & distribution industries, chemical & fertilizer industries and various other types of engineering industries. Perfect statistical quality control procedures are followed right from procurement of raw materials to the testing of every batch of finished cables making B. R. Enterprises a safe option for various industries.

Our Mission

At B. R. Enterprises, quality assurance is an integral part of management. Quality Management contributes to the achievement of quality products through constant checks, analysis and upgradation of techniques and skills with the ultimate goal of product excellence. The use of appropriate equipment, material and the creation of satisfactory environment in which this activity can be performed is the recognition and the responsibility of our quality management ethos and this is what B. R. Enterprises follows.